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Getting the size of a PNG without loading it

October 9, 2010 1 Comment

My current iPhone game (more info coming soon, I promise!) has a resource system that allows me to load texture maps when I need them.

AtlasMaker News

May 4, 2010 3 Comments

This is just a quick update for everyone wanting to know what’s happening with AtlasMaker. I have a new version planned, but I’m not quite.

Texture Atlas Maker

August 18, 2009 29 Comments

**2012 UPDATE**: I have released a new version of AtlasMaker with many more features.  Check it out here! As I promised last time, here is.

SpriteGrabber – Photoshop Scripting for Game Development

June 9, 2009 4 Comments

One of the most common and tedious tasks in 2D game development is making sprite sheets from dozens or often hundreds of individual image files..